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2010-08-02 14:16:25 by CriminalCo

Hey Guys, I Just Submitted Something To The Audio Portal And I'm Thinking It's My First Time So How Long Will It Take Before It's There? And The Song Is Called CriminalCo - Back In Time

Audio Portal


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2010-08-02 14:17:00

How Long Will it Take Before It Shows?


2010-08-02 14:27:33

the approval is kind of backed up, so expect about a month wait time.

CriminalCo responds:

1 Month! Really?


2010-08-02 16:22:41

Took me about a week to get on there, but seeing as this site's growing faster than they can employ audio mods, 2-4 weeks is more reasonable nowadays. Quick question, why do you start every word with a capital letter?

CriminalCo responds:

I Don't Actually Know I'm Weird Like That?